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Code Blooded 2 – Video

IMG_3733 Not sure what happened to the first Code Blooded, but my buddy Mickey Briggs put this short film together with Joel Lava. Take a look.


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Drama King, The Video

In the ongoing campaign for The Drama King, my collaborator, director and editor Sam Vollen, and I have come up with a companion video to go along with the world of the Drama King. We hope you enjoy it.



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Oldie But A Goodie – Video

Warning Rated R. This is a video we made a while back based on a Mike Nice bit, haven’t seen him around, hope he’s good.

Tales from AA – watch more funny videos
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A Story Of Acceptance: Rainbow Strike – Video

A video from a little while ago that tells a good story, check the rhyme, y’all.

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Attractive – Video

Not everyone knows the importance of having a signature scent. That’s why I am working on my own fragrance.

Here’s the link.

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