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Something To Say


It is not an overstatement to say that those who meet my girlfriend fall in love with her. They ask after her the very next time they see me without her. They ask for her number and want to be friends with her in a stand-alone relationship. The same can be said of her family — it’s just that most of my friends don’t get to meet them.

Her sister passed away unexpectedly and there is a lot to be said about why, you just won’t hear me say it.

Take a breath, blink, or rub your hands together. Do it. Do it now,  as you sit and read these words.

I’ll wait.

You’re alive and information has been transmitted and received. That’s what we get to do. That’s what will no longer happen for my girlfriend and her family. Yet they will never cease communicating and loving, and missing, they will just have to do it in that space that is hard to inhabit for most of us. In the silence. In the moments before sleep or idle time alone. They will mourn for the rest of time.

To be a witness is excruciating and all that popularity and charisma that is palpable if you know Sedonna is going to be muted while she endures this loss. It is that spirit that defines families, and groups of friends, and the spirit of the one who has passed. It’s why we cry in the face of their harrowing loss.

To have light there must be darkness. Good times come with the bad and all that stuff we have to say. All the stuff we tend to avoid. We settle for dull constants, rather than feeling those deep valleys.

Days like this make me wonder if the highs even mitigate the way my family feels right now. I don’t know if it’s possible to move forward. I wouldn’t blame someone who said, “I can’t go on.” But we must. Goddamn it, we must.

People are taking it on the chin with this one. I don’t have words to bounce back in conversation. I want to be able to say nothing. I want people to understand. I wish we were telepathic in times like this, so the effort of searching for words could go away. I guess I want magic to be real and I want to remove pain. Alas, we don’t live in that world.

We live in a world of beautiful people. One of whom was taken from us. We have to remind ourselves to be more like those we lose too soon. Better. Nicer. Warmer.

I don’t know what to say anymore. Rest easy dear Shawn.

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Carl D. Does Dallas

Back from the Big D. NFC East territory in the Southwest (never understood that). Been there a few times, but never got to kick it in the downtown and uptown parts of the city. Good times. There are so many bars per square foot I thought it was unseasonably warm in Wisconsin or it was dry in New Orleans.

Being a Jersey Boy I had the same wrong idea about Dallas as they had about me. It’s a cool town and I will be back. Thank you Dallas.