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A Story Of Acceptance: Rainbow Strike – Video

A video from a little while ago that tells a good story, check the rhyme, y’all.

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Attractive – Video

Not everyone knows the importance of having a signature scent. That’s why I am working on my own fragrance.

Here’s the link.

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Barely Cooking

Comedy Club Cuisine is a term that doesn’t exist for a reason. There is barely an edible choice on any menu, in any club in the country. ¬†Actually, that’s not fair, much of it is edible, it’s often not good for you. It’s hard to stay on a diet on the road. My friend Michael Kosta and I were doing a gig in Missouri and took matters into our own hands and the result was not much better.

Here’s the link.

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A Sort Of Homecoming @ The CrabFeast

I joined some dear friends on their podcast and it was as natural as rain. “You’re telling me all we have to do is sit in a room, and wear headphones, and kick it and laugh and share stories, like we’ve been doing for years and people will listen and enjoy?” That’s what I was assigned to do and asked to do with my boys Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson. It was a revelation and I can’t wait to do it again.

Check out The CrabFeast on Itunes and holler at a brother. Nothing like going home. Here’s the link episode dated 5/29/12


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