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Road Fury?

I drive a beater, a clunker, a hooptie. It’s reliable and grey, and I never valet. I lived in New York after college and didn’t drive much until I moved to Los Angeles. I am actually driving the first car I have¬†ever owned.

People always wax nostalgic about their first car. “I had a ’67 Mustang rag top,” or “I had a VW bus that we used to get baked in before class.” My story begins and middles with an ’89 Honda Accord, a name that would drive George Carlin crazy, so from here on out I’m gonna lie and say my 1st car was a Plymouth Fury, because fury trumps rage and aren’t we all full of the rage on the road?



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A Single Step

The cliche and over-used quote “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” has been uttered to me more than once. It was usually followed by me rolling my eyes, either visibly or on the inside depending on who was saying it.

It seems that if I heard the quote more than once, and from various people, I must have been procrastinating doing something and they were just trying to help. My resistance took the form of mocking what I thought was their lame use of greeting card philosophy. Now I see it as true and wise.

It took me too long to get this site up and running, but thanks to those persistent single step quoters — here it is. I hope you enjoy it.


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