A Rare Luxury

Do you suffer from buyer’s remorse the minute you part with more than forty dollars? I do. I’ve complained on this site before about my travails with refrigeration. Trying to keep cold cuts cold when you have to buy your own fridge took its toll on me.

I have voluntarily made a deal with the coolant devil, again. During our recent heatwave I was sweating through my clothes atop my bed at about 8PM, I kicked up my feet like a nine year old, grabbed my keys and exited my apartment saying, “Fuck this”. Ten minutes later I’m at Best Buy about to knock a guy out who appears to have snagged the last air conditioning. I found a few more in an aisle that had video game cartridges and waved a guy over and said, “I need to buy this”

Not being the handiest and having started so late in the evening I had to wait till the morning to install the AC. Since then I have had it pegged at 70 or 71. I am currently bracing for the utility bill and will let you know how that goes. In the mean time I am blissfully cool and dry in my tiny crib cranking 11,000 BTU’s and blocking out the credit card bill on my desk.

September 10, 2012 / Posted by admin / COMMENTS (0)